Wife Crush Wednesdays: Lady Daphne


I don’t think I truly knew the definition of “kinky” til I met Ms. Daphne.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my own twisted thoughts and fantasies, but Daphne has opened up my world to a whole new side of unimaginable pleasures and how to fulfill those desires.

She kinda puts the “ho” in “glory hole” and she has no shame in her game, if anything, most can’t even play on her level.  Ms. Daphne is just that good. She’s open to just about any and everything, nor does she shy away from unfamiliar sexual cravings. Lady Daphne embraces it, while making one feel as though they belong. No stranger to the LGBTQ community, Daphne’s policy on kink prettymuch is “come as you are.”

While I may have arrived at her doorstep as a tamed impala, she definitely has turned me into a wild cat; more predator than prey.   And I have NO regrets.

Check out her guest appearance at The Friend Zone on Cock Radio to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Love you, Lady D!