Wife Crush Wednesdays… Mistress Brighton

WCWI’m pretty vocal about how much I love my sister-wives here at LDW, to the point where at times I could sound a bit like a creepy perv.  Ok, well I am a creepy perv! haha  but that’s why ya love me, right?

So I decided to start a new weekly [or maybe it should be “bi”weekly; see what I did there?] tradition to honor my beloveds with a #WCW post!  Yes, you’ve seen the hashtag floating around social media – it stands for “Woman Crush Wednesdays”, but I’m changing the “woman” part to “wife”.  And to kick it off, I had to start with my homie lover friend, Miss Brighton a.k.a Bri-Wi.

Why do I adore Miss Brighton?  Have you seen her???????  I mean, what is there NOT to love?  On top of being a complete H-O-T-T-I-E, she also is incredibly funny, witty, has amazing taste in music and an infectious laugh that would make any man [or in my case, woman] fall to their knees.  She could totally turn me into a carpet munching lesbo; seriously, let’s be honest.

There are so many more reasons why I’m obsessed with lady B; listen to the audio below to hear more of the reasons why…

Cheers to you, my dear girl…  may your cooter tingle when you read this post as much as mine is tingling as I type it! 😉