Wife Crush Wednesdsay: Ms. Lisa


I’ve been thinking about Ms. Lisa a lot lately. We’ve recently had a few fantastic, flirty chats with each other on Skype *giggle*, but I am especially excited (yes, excited down in my cooter!) because she is visiting me in Paris in less than a month, and I am going to be her Whore Tour Guide!

We will go anywhere her little heart desires… the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower… even Disneyland Paris if she wishes. 

Of course, if she wants to sit quietly at street-side cafes sipping red wine and eating delicious cheeses with fruit and baguettes, I am up for that as well. It would be even better if she simply just wants to sit on my face. Let’s be honest, I am a little lesbionic! 😂 

Whatever Mistress Lisa desires. This is her trip, and I want to spoil her rotten.

Of course, once she returns home with plenty of not-so-naughty memories (or maybe some will be naughty?), you can bet both of us will have new blogs up about our rendezvous. I promise to keep ya posted. 😉

So cheers to you, Ms. Lisa. I can’t wait until your sweet ass is here!