Wild Streak…

Of course it’s no secret that I’ve quite a wild streak… and I know that’s just one of the many reasons why you’re all so crazy about me! My moods can be unpredictable, my actions impulsive, and every now and then I get these crazy ideas, crazy desires that I just can’t forget about until they’ve been fulfilled. That never-ending curiosity is like an itch you can’t scratch… until you finally find a way and the feeling is ahhh-mazing. So when someone mentioned to me the other day that I have a wild streak, it suddenly occurred to me: I’ve never gone streaking before!
What better way to embrace my untamed spirit and show off my sexy, shameless body by stripping down and running wild? It sounds so fun, whimsical and careless… just thinking about the adrenaline rush I would get running naked through these European streets is starting to seriously turn me on. What entertainment, what excitement! To see a goddess in the flesh flashing through these earthly paths, gracing you mere mortals with such divine beauty!
Where do you think I should go streaking first? And who’s with me?! I’m certainly not shy, but I must admit it would be more fun to have some of my pets by my side to share in the excitement. Do you think you could do it? Strip all the way down, let it hang out for all the world to see and laugh at? Oops, there’s my mean streak coming out 😉 This is my latest and greatest idea, and I want to know what suggestions you have, what tips you would give your darling Phoenix on how to pursue this wild streak. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll capture some video evidence for you 😛