Yoga Hoe

Aside from writing porny poetry and amping up my masturbation techniques, I’ve really started to get into some new hobbies lately. My newest passion? Yoga! Or as I like to call it…. hoe-ga.

I’ll admit that in the beginning, I wasn’t super excited to get into it… there just wasn’t enough action for me… and you know how much I love action! But I was a very good, patient girl, and soon I realized just how much I love this kind of exercise. Plus, doing yoga gives me a great excuse — not that I really needed one anyways hehehe — to wear my new yoga pants, which make my ass look amaaaazing!

So first of all, there’s the visual aspect… bodies elongated, curves accentuated, faces poised in deep concentration with a hint of physical pleasure. And then there’s that slow burn within your muscles when you find that certain position…. that agonizing sensation that slowly evolves into a feeling of relaxation and release… you have to embrace the pain and push through it, knowing that there’s a sweet reward waiting for you at the end. Hey… that kinda sounds like the same mentality you ought to have when I tease you for my own pleasure.

Most of all, I love yoga for all its benefits. In case you hadn’t noticed already, my body is getting more toned than ever… without losing a single centimeter of my sexy curves.  I’ve got even more mental and physical stamina now —- which is good news for all of you who want to go all night long! And I’m becoming more and more flexible every day… I can put myself into positions I never thought possible before…  but the best benefit of all is the creativity it has sparked in me. I’ve got a whole set of new ideas for sex positions and ways to visually tease you, and I can’t wait to try them out! So, are you ready to enroll in my next hoe-ga class? Your mind and body will thank you for it, I promise. And if you’re curious as to what exactly that class entails, then give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it.